Our Roots.


What we do.

Leadership Grundy is a program focused on "intentional development". Individuals with the qualities and demonstration of leadership may apply to be in the upcoming Leadership Class each summer. Accepted applicants must attending all retreats & ceremonies, commit one working day per month between September and May to attend leadership development Program Days, and the Leadership Class must fully plan, organize, and complete a community service project prior to graduation. 

Program Day topics vary from year to year, but always remain relevant to what's going on in our county. Examples of topics include economic development, media & communications, local education, state and local government, tourism, emergency awareness, and more. Leadership Grundy also strives to connect participants with leaders and leadership educators from across our state by inviting guest speakers to some of our annual events, such as the opening retreat.

Why we do it.

It's simple. We do it because we love this area and the people in it. 


Who we are.

2019-2020 Board of Directors:

Chairperson, Traci Crabtree
Vice Chairperson, Michael McMillen
Recording Sec., Brandis King
Corresponding Sec., Roxanne Burnett/Tim Bowman
Treasurer, Deedra Tate
Marketing Rep., Spike Hosch, Kacie Lynn, Joanne Sanders
Alumni Chairperson, Spike Hosch

UT Extension Advisor, Creig Kimbro
UT Extension Advisor, Jennifer Banks
UT Extension Advisor, Bobbie Grimes

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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
— Warren Bennis


Founding Board Members

We tip our hats in gratitude to the members of the Founding Board of Leadership Grundy:

Howell Adams
Madeline Adams
Brenda Andy
Katie Bell
Creig Kimbro
Bill Nunley
Valerie Sanders
Jerry Walling